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Barclaycard Ring: A Social Credit card Details


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Barclaycard Ring is a credit card that uses social and peer-to-peer collaboration to allow card members to help shape the product and have a share in the profits. The members can discuss, vote and share ideas on the product features from card design to customer service models. Members benefit from the collective performance, encouraging good financial behaviors.

EMC Digital worked with Barclaycard from product conception through to technical development of the project. We created the digital strategy, design concepts, the detailed design specs and the front-end code for Barclaycard Ring. This project was complex as the concept was so new to the financial sector; along with having to create a simple experience for a complex product, there was also the financial regulation to be aware off and the very aggressive timelines. The project from kick-off to live lasted 9months. The full time team was made up of Project Management, Experience Director, Digital Strategist, 2 User Experience Architects, 2 designers, copy writer and 2 interface developers. The result has been a extremely well received in the marketplace and customers as a revolutionary new way to communicate with your credit card company.

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Submitted By: Fantasy Interactive

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