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Warren: reinventing the investment landscape in Brazil Details


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Create goals, invest in them and see how they perform without having to be a money guru. Easily invest with Warren's help.

"Warren is changing the investment landscape in Brazil by allowing any person to invest their money in sophisticated products despite their knowledge in finances.

Our mission is to create a new generation of investors.

The only way to make this happen is by fixing 2 major problems that exist in the industry today: 1)conflict of interest (advisors and account managers are commissioned by products, so they do not always suggest what is best for a client), and the investment experience (today, nearly 140 million people rely on outdated banking interfaces with poor experience).

So how does Warren help fix that exactly? Warren is not commissioned by the products it suggests. The way it works is: Warren talks to you to gather data about your risk appetite and then use that information to make custom planning and suggestions for each and every goal you create with him. You can create as many goals as you want. Then, you can invest on the goals you created and follow their performance through time. All that process happens with Warren alone, with a unique onboarding and experience alongside clean, beautiful and super straightforward interfaces. It is 100% online.

Before launching, Warren caused quite a stir in both financial and design Brazilian industry, gathering over 30k people in a waitlist in less than 2 months with little to no money effort.

Warren's unique investing experience has spread super fast. Happy clients, avid to invest well their money without the hassle that used to come with it are all over on facebook and twitter saying how happy they are with it; and also big news media, such as nation-wide newspapers and websites talking about how Warren can change the way people make investments.

There is a fin-tech boom happening in the investment industry in Brazil, and Warren is at the very center of it, thanks to its unique experience."

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

"Investing today in Brazil is a very daunting task. It's not something usual. Its not easy. It's a long, bureaucratic, stressful and biased process. Sheets of paper, commutes to agencies, phone calls being transferred from speaker to speaker, recomendations that favor the institution and not the client and the list goes on.

We believe the investment experience needed an overhaul. So we built Warren.

We started everything literally from scratch. Our care for experience goes beyond the interface. It reaches our support, the way we deal with the problems our clients might have with our 24/7 support, our operations and everything that we have an impact on. We want to create a new generation of investors, and it takes a great experience for that.

We recently launched and because of Warren's UX, thousands of people have already started changing their lives investing their hard earned money on what really matters to them with products that are fit for them and their needs. The way it should've been done all along.

We brought state of the art technology to a currently outdated industry. Machine learning, optimizations in flows and processes, iterations in crucial steps, recurring interviews and user tests and many other user-centered activities such as meet ups and events. For example, because of automation, we reduced costs with unnecessary team expenses, the amount of paper needed to get your account running (ZERO!), also we don't need any sort of distributors or fancy branches: it's 100% online. And the savings are passed along to our clients: we offer top quality service and products for a fraction of what's offered on the market today.

We truly believe Warren is on the course of changing lives in Brazil because of its unique experience and carefulness and having a UX Award would be a seal of approval we're doing what's right for our clients and our society."

Submitted By: Warren

4.9/5 (205)

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