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The Meural Canvas is a beautiful Wi-Fi connected digital art frame that makes changing the art on your wall as easy as a
wave of the hand.

The Meural Canvas is a sophisticated digital frame designed to democratize art for the future. The product combines a
proprietary blend of hardware, firmware, and software to present an entirely new way to interact with art in your everyday
life. Our goal at Meural is to create products that make people feel something, and to use technology to bring art into more people’s homes.

Meural’s team of in-house curators sources our collection of genre-spanning artwork from the world’s leading museums,
cultural institutions, and contemporary artists, where it can then be streamed directly to users walls via our online
dashboard, my.meural. Through our licensing deals with these art purveyors, we aim to secure a thriving arts culture for
future generations, and make art exciting, intuitive, and meaningful to digital natives.

The Meural Canvas can be controlled in via Meural’s mobile app, online dashboard (my.meural.com), and using gesture
control: a simple wave of the hand. When static, the Meural Canvas looks just like a framed piece of art, thanks to our
proprietary matte screen, and a built-in ambient light sensor which automatically adjusts the brightness to suit the lighting
in the room. When you wave your hand upwards in front of an invisible gesture sensor located in the matboard, the screen
reveals an information card, similar to a placard that accompanies each piece in a museum. A wave downwards reveals
settings and curated “playlists” of artwork, which can be easily browsed with a wave right or left. The final result is a UX
that appears deceptively simple—we have created each step to be as intuitive as possible, and to make users feel that
they have been using this product for years. The elegance and ease of the user experience makes the product as easy to
use for senior citizens and, children as it is for the tech-savvy.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

We're creating a new market that we believe will alter the way people interact with art in the future. We have engineered a
completely new user experience for our product that is unlike any other product on the market. The art market is struggling in the digital age, and we believe that creating a beautiful way to marry art, technology, and human behavior is the key to keeping art alive, and expanding its reach beyond just the upper echelon.

We've implemented a unique gesture interface that is unlike other IoT products on the market. Creating a cohesive,
intuitive, and elegant interaction between our numerous different platforms is something that we are extremely proud of—
using our mobile app to change art on your wall, using Wi-Fi to stream art from our website and making it as simple as
possible to interact directly with your hand. The ambient light sensor ensures a perfect display. Each element has to work
in harmony for an optimal UX, and we believed we have achieved that. The UX on board makes it so the user always
knows where they are situated in the flow. Each action has a contextual reaction—making it so that any user can learn how
to use the product within minutes.

Thanks to the fact that we can push updates remotely to every single person that currently owns a Meural Canvas, we are
constantly bettering the product with feedback from our users, and allowing them to experience improvements without
buying a new piece of hardware. We performed extensive user-testing with both artists and consumers, and consistently
study analytics from the way users used past iterations of our product. We believe we’ve created something truly novel,
and the feedback get from our users continues reflects that every day.

Submitted By: Meural

4.4/5 (34)

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