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Springshot Mobile Mission Workflow App Details


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A mobile app enabling workers to receive and perform tasks while providing insights on performance.

Springshot is a mobile platform for assigning teams to efficiently complete tasks. Our mobile users are generally blue collar workers in the airline industry performing a variety of jobs including airplane cleaning, catering, and baggage handling. Our previous app was not intuitive for these users, and so we have designed the new mission workflow to better enable users to see what they’re assigned to do, when and where they’re assigned to do it, and key information to help them perform the job effectively.

The app also provides real time information that might not be available otherwise. For example: without the app, a team assigned to clean a flight at Gate A1 would have no way of knowing if that flight changes gates. Our app provides this information as it becomes available, improving overall efficiency. The app tracks the user’s location along with pre-set geo-fences so that they know when they’ve arrived at the right worksite. We also provide our users with an XP system, rewarding them for and giving their managers visibility into a job well done. This increases worker engagement and pride, and in turn results in greater productivity.

We import real time flight feeds from our airline partners, match them with mission configurations based on customized business rules, and through artificial intelligence automatically generate missions for users that match each company’s operations. These services power the app in the background, while keeping the user’s workflow simple.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

We live in a world where job titles and duties are increasingly irrelevant. For even the most repetitive and physically-demanding jobs, workers require a seamless user experience that blends the real and digital dimensions. Springshot meets this need.

Through clean interfaces that leverage geospatial proximity to require minimal user interaction, Springshot creates a virtual cockpit encompassing each worker. At the touch of a finger or flick of the wrist, each worker knows precisely what to do, how to do it, and when. As workers interact with the physical world performing tasks like cleaning and baggage transport, the Springshot application provides real-time automated feedback and recognition. As tasks are completed, the platform updates each user’s personal profile to recommend future tasks that meet the user’s strengths.

The Springshot application augments human capabilities to enable peak human performance. Lying at the intersection of technology and humanity, Springshot not only improves how people work, it enhances individual wellbeing and sense of purpose. By transforming physical movements and actions into structured data that measures performance and generates digital awards, Springshot allows everyone to appreciate and celebrate the many small victories they achieve each day. We believe this is the true essence of user experience: blending the physical and digital worlds to intrinsically inspire the inner and holistic self.

Submitted By: Springshot

4.2/5 (5)

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