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Slalom Presents: Gap’s Passport to Summer 2016 Details


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A challenge-based mobile and social experience that rewards positive interactions with the Gap brand.

We are Slalom, a purpose-driven consulting firm, with offices in markets across the US, Canada, and UK. Our entry for the UX Awards is the design and implementation of a gamified mobile web experience for Gap, for the summer of 2016, called "Passport to Summer." To tap into the sentiment of summer, Gap wanted to create a way to digitally reward customers for positive brand interactions. Slalom helped Gap to develop their first ever omni-channel campaign that ran across North America. Slalom developed the program strategy, UX, architect, built, and launched the mobile site. We was also responsible for the campaign management and execution of the program throughout the 100 days of the program.

The solution was built as a mobile-first experience, as we wanted to be accessible to Users where ever and however they enjoyed their summer. After registering with a social network login, Users could visit the site each day for a new Summer Challenge. Each challenge involved a theme photo that would be uploaded for entries into a contest to win prizes. Completing challenges within a theme resulted in Users earning stamps to fill their own “passport.” These photos and stamps could be shared across social networks. Further social interactions such as Connecting, Liking, Sharing earned additional contest entries. Social interactions were a key driver in engagement and brand advocacy.

The end deliverable was a successful summer campaign which had over 60K registered users, over 224K photo uploads, and strong program advocacy, especially in the target demographic of 25 to 44 year olds. It was also developed as a scalable platform; Gap could easily update content to align with marketing efforts for future campaigns. This was beyond the original ask, because at we look at long-term goals for our clients, and build flexible, robust experiences. For Users, we feel successful experiences find the appropriate balance between technology and the life we live outside the screen.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Marketing campaigns can often seem impersonal and, obviously, focused on cart conversions. “Passport to Summer” was different from the inception. We took this as an opportunity to show how the future of forward-looking, client-facing technology solutions should walk the narrow path of positive brand interaction, while enhancing and supporting the lives of its Users, outside the screen.

We created a solution that underscored that summer is a time of exploration, wonder, and play. It’s a time to capture and share memories of loved ones. Social networks are, and will continue to be, the core way to connect, and also -- paired with our mobile devices – a way to journal the events in our lives at any moment.

By integrating tightly with social interactions, Passport to Summer worked as a engaging, motivational challenge framework to enhance its Users’ summer. The efforts of earning contest entries, and themed stamps gently nudged Users towards going outside their comfort zones and backyards -- to engage in fun summer activities that they may not have been as likely to do on their own.

The Gamification mechanics we leveraged provided a basic framework of rules for play. We were careful to maintain an authentic experience, focusing on open sharing and exploration -- rather than cheap, shallow behavioral manipulation or ulterior motives.

We believe that the future of UX is minimal — near invisible -- experiences. They support us, delight us, and keep us on task – even if that task is enjoying more sun.

Submitted By: Slalom Consulting

Client Name: Gap

4.9/5 (145)

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