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SuperHero is the reimagining of a sales acceleration system that empowers reps to make connections with leads quickly and effectively.

DesignMap partnered with InsideSales to transform their suite of high volume sales development products from Salesforce modules into a full SaaS offering. The project was driven by user research across multiple sales roles, and ranged from small to enterprise companies. With this research we developed personas that guided the end-to-end proof of concept for the next generation sales development product experience. Starting with scenarios, user flows, and models that we developed with the product team, we sketched a wide range of concepts to target our primary persona's day-to-day work. Our primary goal was to help them do their job’s more efficiently, and to help make their repetitive tasks feel rewarding.

Once we settled on a core concept, we generated wireframes to flesh out the interaction details, then brought it all into visual design. Working with an engineer, we produced a working prototype that allowed stakeholders to walk through the new design in full. The work culminated in what was announced and demoed at Accelerate ’16 in Park City, Utah as Superhero.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Sales reps at companies around the world—from small businesses to large enterprises—make hundreds of phone calls and emails to sales leads every day. Getting in touch with the right leads and effectively understanding their needs is time-consuming and often downright unpleasant. (Do you remember the last time a sales person tried to reach you?)

Insidesales.com offers a sales acceleration platform that uses data to help sales reps connect to the most appropriate leads. However, the various tools of the platform were not integrated to provide the most optimal workflow for the reps, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. DesignMap worked closely with Insidesales.com to better understand the challenges and goals of the sales rep and create a unified user experience in the platform. The new design—Superhero— greatly streamlines their workflow while also motivating reps to meet their daily communication goals, making what is a very challenging role more fun.

Submitted By: DesignMap

Client Name: InsideSales.com

4.8/5 (10)

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