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Outside TV Features Makes A Splash Across OTT And Mobile, On TVX Powered By MAZ Details


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TVX, powered by MAZ, is a pioneer in OTT technology, bringing video on demand services to TV networks and ease of use to their audiences.

"Founded in 2010 by former Apple and Adobe designers and engineers, our core team has decades of experience in consumer technology and publishing tools. Over the years, we have built a suite of products that fulfill our vision of arming media companies with the tools they need to build amazing software. We've built products to empower leaders in media to become pioneers in OTT and mobile technology, and they are used and trusted by industry giants such as Hearst,

Gannett, Bloomberg, Forbes, and hundreds more. Instead of hiring developers–– editorial, marketing, and design teams use our tools to build and maintain their apps across all platforms without any technical expertise.

When Outside TV came on board, they were amongst our first TVX partners, our pioneer OTT product, and they were the perfect partner to finesse our development with. Outside TV Features is beautiful and available on every major device, both TV and mobile, they utilize a direct-to-consumer subscription offering, and they have breathtaking content. Working with them has inspired our team and helped expand the product to be even more powerful and well tailored to their needs.

They utilize every nook and cranny of TVX: episodic and series hierarchy, live stream TV, monthly subscription services, in-app purchases, and 360 sync saving between mobile and OTT, and as we continue to develop, we are working with them to understand their HTML5 needs, and further the experience for their audience."

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

"Over the last 7 years, we’ve powered apps across 8 generations of iPhones, 5 generations of iPads, a bazillion generations of Android devices, as well as Apple Watch, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, HTML5 and more. We have been lucky to partner with some of the most incredible brands in media, as well as hundreds of niche publications. We’ve seen trends related to digital publishing and content consumption go up and down. We saw the start and end of the Apple Newsstand. Consumer behavior has pointed to the tablet, mobile, video, and now OTT, and who knows what’s next — VR? AR? We went from offering iPad-only PDF replica apps to creating a comprehensive CMS that can ingest and create feeds, host media, set up metered paywalls, and allows our partners to dynamically control their apps across all mobile and OTT platforms with our products.

Talking about OTT here, with Outside TV Features using TVX, we are in the forefront of the shifting environment, where cable cutters expect video-on-demand from every publisher. And brands are doing it–– from clothing companies to celebrity news to yoga workouts to breaking news–– they're all in the video sphere. With the opening up of the Apple TV and Roku app stores, we are moving into the time in which it's likely to boom in the same fashion that the App Store did.

Our greatest challenges are convincing the biggest TV networks that their AVOD models and their cable subscribers are not the future, and that they need to invest and engage with the new OTT market and expectations of different type of consumers.

The Future of UX in regards to watching TV and watching TV when you want it, from wherever you want it, is what we strive to develop for and educate our partners about in order for them to work with us to build a product that everyone will enjoy."

Submitted By: MAZ Inc.

Client Name: Outside TV Features

2/5 (4)

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