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Climate Change Reimagined was an interactive & immersive exhibition at the World Government Summit in Dubai, UAE.

The Museum of the Future: Climate Change Re imagined marks the fourth year international design firm Tellart, in partnership with the Dubai Future Foundation and the UAE Prime Minister’s Office, have opened the exhibition at the annual World Government Summit in Dubai. The latest edition of the Museum of the Future addresses the reality of climate change. It presents a future where we have not only survived the challenges of climate change in the mid-21 st century, but have thrived. The exhibit underlines the inevitability of major environmental change and the importance of adapting proactively. It proposes three new ideas for how we can deal with the consequences of climate change, unveiling imaginative approaches for how countries can adapt to climate change and lead the future.

This year, the exhibition is set in 2050 and explores a future where society has not only survived the challenges of climate change, but reversed the devastating impacts and even thrived, offering life-enhancing solutions for all of humanity. Widely-acknowledged consensus shows that global warming poses a grave and urgent threat to humanity, perhaps most clearly articulated in the disturbing level of temperature increase known by scientists as the “human
extinction threshold”. During development, Tellart and the Dubai Future Foundation collaborated
with climate change experts to understand and characterise the difficult challenges that lie ahead. The resulting exhibition re-imagines the three biggest factors contributing to humanity’s ecological footprint – global industry, agriculture, and urbanism – as a means to radically innovate the way we live on Earth.

By considering this innovation as an exciting economic opportunity,the exhibition transformed our future
towards one of sustainability, adaptability, and resilience while at the same time addressing the
three basic human needs of food, shelter, and water.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

When attendees arrived at the exhibition they stepped into a future world where new levels of
self-sufficiency and exciting uses of technology and biology have improved our quality of life dramatically. Before reaching the extinction threshold, the UAE grasped the opportunity of placing innovative technology at the heart of its economy, becoming the global epicenter for climate solutions.

The exhibition imagined Dubai as the global hub of sustainable infrastructure in 2050. This future scenario was explored in three sections all highlighting innovative UX for attendees and showcased strategies that address a specific universal human need:

● Water – In the first section, attendees are welcomed onto a projected viewing deck of a bio-desalination plant in Dubai. 360 ° video projections take guests on an immersive journey underwater to see how the facility provides a local means of filtering saltwater into clean drinking water based on natural processes. This freshwater factory is the result of combining the genes of a jellyfish, a highly absorptive natural material, with mangrove roots, one of nature’s best desalinators. Dubai exports these bio-desalination plants across the world, making fresh water accessible to everyone.

● Food – Attendees are then led into the “AutoFarm,” an automated food production factory that grew fresh food indoors for a neighborhood. The space allowed guests to witness plant seeds being printed and plants, fish and insects being grown with incredible efficiency. Guests even enjoyed tasting samples created by the Food Bot: a machine that harvests ripe produce and turns it into nutritious food items.

● Shelter – The final space invites guests to experience the “City Kit”: a self-building
infrastructure solution that uses biotechnology and robotics to grow generative,
self-sufficient cities. The “City Kit” Sales Centre shows attendees the Kit’s
numerous advantages and allows guests to test it in action using an interactive demo.

Submitted By: Tellart

Client Name: Dubai Future Foundation

3.6/5 (5)

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