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JOYVOY: Automated group travel experience by self-driving car service Details

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Joyvoy is a smart travel companion for people wanting to gain unique experiences with others who share similar interests and preferences.

I'm a rising senior from the Savannah College of Art and Design, studying UX design, and minoring in Graphic Design. I chose to study UX design after seeing its power to make positive impacts on people and its interactions. As someone who is always hopping across continents, travel is part of my vocabulary. Around me, I saw an evident problem that people weren't taking opportunities to travel due to factors such as expense, time, and mainly, the stress caused from having to become a researcher and planning the trips. I knew that I had to come up with a solution for this problem because it was too unfair for people to live their busy life without witnessing such pleasure and freshness.

For many people, traveling is something that they need to prepare months in advance for, to prepare that perfect plan to execute perfectly. However, through research I found out that people are being stressed even afterwards their travel because they were not able to execute their plans that they had spent hours on. It's life. Things happen unexpectedly, and travel is one thing that people shouldn't feel like they need to do their homework on. This is what led me to thinking of a service that would take user's input and preferences, and automatically suggest places to go and plan the trip on the go with the user's information.

This would eliminate the planning process, as well as thinking way in advance to ensure that they were planning the best travel possible. The users would entirely trust this system for the best traveling experience tailored to the user's needs. During my research, I found out about the limitations and more difficulties in group traveling, and refocused on that idea of group travel, whether it's traveling with group of friends, creating a travel playlist for other people to join, or joining other's playlists that includes the same interests and passion users have, creating a one of a kind experience for each destination they immerse in.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Joyvoy is an automated service that will use machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and mixed reality, and a self-driving car to accommodate user's travel experiences effortlessly from start to finish. Joyvoy congregates insights from both external and internal data sources to have an understanding of user's likes,dislikes, and preferences (such as budget, duration, etc...) to suggest travel playlists created by other users nearby that are a good match for the user.

Joyvoy car also uses a futuristic concept of smart voice user interface to help create greater ease in communication with the users. When travelers onboard the driverless car, the system is able to process human language, and responding phrases such as "I'm hungry" to suggest places (suggested accordingly to all the information the system has learned) on the car's interface. Joyvoy will continuously look for local and unique experiences for the users on the go, allowing users to substitute or change their playlist freely with set variables such as budget, fixed.

With the car's wide windows as smart interactive glasses, users are able to touch on the glass while they're in the car. The smart glass will then scan the touched subject, then recognize it to pull out relevant information about the subject. For example, if a restaurant is touched, it will show them a live view inside the restaurant, pull up a menu with dishes users would like bolded, while if a museum is touched, then it will show them a teaser of the museum, and ticket prices which they can purchase from their fingertips through finger scan as the method of payment. This interactive glass provides an educational experience for those curious about the places driving past to find out.

After the trip, Joyvoy automatically recognizes places and faces to upload the best photos from all travelers during the travel and organizes them into the travel folder, granting access to all photos at once without a hassle.

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