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Mad*Pow and Dartmouth-Hitchcock conceive, designs, and develops a revolutionary mobile and web application to disrupt healthcare.

In its simplest description, ImagineCare is a virtual clinic solution that allows clinicians to monitor and care for patients continuously, and without a visit to the hospital. The solution was shaped by Mad*Pow’s classic research, design, and development process, all informed by our world-class behavior change team. ImagineCare harnesses and analyzes data to inform clinicians. In tandem, solid experience design work set out to “delight” both patients and the medical professionals staffing the virtual clinic.

ImagineCare kicked off with an abundance of passion in early 2015, with Mad*Pow pulled into to translate passion to product. Central to the project: Making the customer's health goals the core requirement. The ImagineCare team had lots of great ideas and strong clinical expertise, but they needed help determining how customers and clinicians would interact via the service. Mad*Pow conducted extensive stakeholder interviews, then a design workshop with clinicians, product managers, and executive leadership, to help everyone get on the same page and start visualizing their ideas as tangible.
The customer iOS app provides patients a quick overview of what they need to do each day and how they are progressing, using Bluetooth to connect customers’ phones with ImagineCare-provided sensors like blood pressure cuffs and weight scales. These remote sensing tools provide support for activity, steps, sleep, and behavioral health, as well as management of hypertension, CHF, COPD, and diabetes. Data is transmitted securely to the cloud, where it is analyzed by clinical pathway algorithms. If any serious trends emerge, ImagineCare clinicians are alerted and reach out to the customer via their preferred method of contact. While the initial pilot targeted a specific set of conditions, the ImagineCare solution can be expanded to monitor almost anything that a patient can measure.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

This was uncharted territory for Dartmouth-Hitchcock and, to some extent, for Mad*Pow. The client had an ambitious idea, but had come up short on existing tools or experience to create it. We stepped in and based on research of the client’s desire, coupled with the talent of our designers and developers, created a breakthrough product specifically addressing the need for simpler, cheaper, and more effective health care. Patients are not required to visit hospitals or doctors for what often are minor issues. Trained medical personnel are able to partner with clients and monitor health conditions or concerns, saving the valuable and expensive hospital and doctor visits for events that truly require them.

Submitted By: Mad*Pow

Client Name: Datrmouth-Hitchcock

1.7/5 (3)

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