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We help companies reduce operational risk by providing forensic analyses to find suspicious transactions.

Forensic analyses test like time series, corelation, benfords law are complex concepts, which we give thru a visual interface enabling non technical users to adopt them very easily. A companies payments can be uploaded to Forestpin by cutting and pasting from excel, or by uploading a csv file, (A back end server version can be setup to automatically upload data as well). Then Forestpin parses the data and does a matching of data types. (Editable) and then once confirmed pushes a fully editable dashboard automatically with some selected analyses. This will help companies successively filter the data set from different analyses till they reach suspicious transactions.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

The interface is very easy to learn. there are only a few symbols like filter back, home, etc etc. Its build like a consumer application to use without much training. We give different forensic analyses in building blocks which can be moved around, added removed to the automatic dashboard that gets generated. The way each of these unique analyses are fitted together in a cohesive interface. How we allow analyses from one filter to then applied to each of the other analyses are fairly unique and not seen in other products.

Submitted By: Forestpin (Pvt) Ltd

4.7/5 (93)

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