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Finnair Mobile Application Details


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Finnair Mobile Application is a passenger's best friend, designed to relieve travelers of unwanted hassle

Finnair’s mobile application is designed as part of a holistic system of digital services that is present during all phases of travel. The services, designed for different phases of travel, make sure that the smooth customer experience does not break down at any stage.

The application is there to help customers as soon as they start to plan their trip. The application is available for iOS and Android devices, and it is constantly being enhanced with new features.

Before the journey starts, passengers tap away an upgrade to business class or purchase an extra bag, with no extra laborious process of changing travel details of an already purchased flight.

Once at the airport, the application enables passengers to, for example, avoid queues by checking in on their mobile phones, store travel documents in one easy-to-access place, and minimize the hassle of connecting flights by guiding passengers to be in the right place at the right time.

The application also views schedules, transfer airport information and terminal maps, so the passenger has the information on the most convenient transfer or exit in their pocket when it is most needed – just as the plane touches down.

Throughout their journey, passengers always have all the necessary information to make it through a journey at their fingertips.

Team from Reaktor: Kim Olenius, Vesa-Matti Mäkinen, Michael Holler, Mikko Luotonen, Ville Mäenpää, Siru Kallström, Mari Elomäki, Timo Puronen, Mikko Koponen, Tommi Asiala, Laura Leppänen, Esko Vääräsmäki, Aapo Kojo, Konsta Hansson

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

As a general rule, travel invokes positive thoughts in people. However, actually getting from place to place, by plane, for instance, is often seen as a stressful, unfortunate necessity.

Unpleasant moments come up at all stages of the trip; sometimes you’re missing your gate number, sometimes it’s hard to find your travel documents. Sometimes it’s stressful when you don’t know what’s going to happen next on your 10-hour flight.

And – as transportation technologies advance and world grows smaller – the amount of time people spent sitting on planes is only going to increase.

The Finnair application (available for iOS, Android and Apple Watch) is passengers’ best friend from the very beginning of the journey. Designed as a part of Finnair’s holistic digital concept, it aims at streamlining the early steps of each journey as well as inspiring passengers as a part of Finnair’s sleek digital service ensemble.

When leaving for a trip, every moment is important. With the Finnair application, the process flows without a hitch, free of burdening and annoying stages. Above all, the application allows passengers to concentrate on what’s important to them: getting from A to B as smoothly as possible.

Today, two thirds of Finnair’s most valuable customers are now using the application. 25% of new Finnair frequent flyers join the program through the application. The numbers speak for themselves: Finnair’s customers are finally saying goodbye to unwanted hassle.

Submitted By: Reaktor

Client Name: Finnair

4.8/5 (28)

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