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Prototype App for pet owners to find their pets who may have gotten lost, run away, or been dog-napped.

Find My Pet is a personal project I completed for an Online UX Course prior to receiving my Foundation Certificate in UX from BSC-IT. I did user research to understand my user groups. I created a user persona and identified "User Red Routes" to help prioritize design decisions. Then I created User Stories to build context of use.

Then I ideated screen interfaces by sketching using pencil and paper. Following ideation, I created a paper prototype to test with users. I crafted a test scenario that was crafted around a red route.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

My project demonstrates that I understand the foundation of user experience and that careful UX planning can be done to improve the usability of interfaces. My FindMyPet App prototype demonstrates that when you design with the user in mind, you can build an interface that is clear from clutter and focuses on the user's key tasks. In the future, products will need to have excellent UX to differentiate themselves from competitors and build customer loyalty. Good UX decreases costs of support, improves conversion rates, and creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

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3.2/5 (6)

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