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Unique, ecommerce experiences for 8 brands using reusable components resulting in +30% increase in sales

"DigitasLBi took on the challenge of redesigning and replatforming 8 brands within the Johnson Outdoors portfolio by implementing a component driven design experience that could be applied across all 8 brands. Aligning requirements and goals across 8 brands who weren’t used to collaborating or cooperating was complicated, but the team was up for the challenge.

First, the team held joint requirements gathering sessions with the 8 brands to hear what the businesses believed they needed in an ecommerce experience. This resulted in 115 requirements gathered and 80% overlap between the brands. The team reconciled and categorized the requirements for future use.

Next, the team interviewed 36 end users of the product to understand how they approach researching and buying their outdoor sporting equipment today and how they might use digital solutions in the future. In addition, we learned about their ownership experience with Johnson Outdoor products and how these users maintained and shared information with other enthusiasts throughout their ownership journey.

These customer requirements were immensely helpful in assisting the team with requirements prioritization with the businesses.

Once the requirements were grouped and prioritized, the team started a typical agile sprint process delivering several reusable templates and components each sprint that could be leveraged across the 8 brands while only being developed once.

And the results are amazing. The business is seeing more than a 32% increase in online sales since the launch of the site and customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive."

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

"The future of UX will enable reuse and drive out inefficiencies in the process which supports the ever-increasing pressures agencies face to decrease costs yet increase value and work for our clients

To meet the needs of Johnson Outdoors, we took 8 discrete brands in the outdoor activity space, identified common needs and created a single, flexible, component driven system to make the ecommerce experience a reality. This flexible experience was brought to life using Drupal CMS and Drupal Commerce and the team worked closely with our internal development team to make their design vision a reality.

The future of UX is about driving collaboration and the nature of the close team structure within our agency required the teams to work hand-in-hand throughout the design and development process to successfully deliver a reusable component library to be used globally to support the 8 identified brands. This close collaboration decreased costs for the client as well as created vested interest in the final product from all members of the design and delivery team."

Submitted By: DigitasLBi

Client Name: Johnson Outdoors

5/5 (145)

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