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DrugCompare: Savings consumers money on healthcare Details


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Reducing healthcare spending and stress by facilitating confident, collaborative medication decisions for doctors and

The national conversation over rising drug prices has grown acrimonious over the last few years. The healthcare
industry’s shift to value-based payment reforms and the increased financial pressures on consumers urgently requires a
fresh approach to managing prescription drug costs, which as last summer’s EpiPen controversy underscored, has
spiraled out of control. Connecture's DrugCompare product is a direct solution to this problem. DrugCompare was
designed for anyone who takes prescription drugs. Ultimately, DrugCompare helps bring costs down by empowering
consumers to choose more affordable medications, including therapeutic alternatives, and adhere to their treatment plans.

The result? Saving consumers billions of dollars. Connecture's UX Team was tasked to design a new responsive interface
that empowers consumers to tap into DrugCompare's leading database of therapeutic alternatives and drug prices
across pharmacies. Connecture's UX team uses a rapid design process to go through many expert-informed iterations,
getting user feedback each cycle, to create a product that helps the user have an informed dialog with their doctors.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

We believe our submission is worthy of a UX award because it helps address the growing epidemic the DrugCompare
product itself is trying to solve: rising prescription drug costs in America. DrugCompare does this by giving users insight
into ways to save money on prescription drugs and then enabling those users to have a productive conversation with their
doctors. When people can afford their medications, their adherence increases. This means they stay healthier and spend
less time and money on hospital visits. With $4 billion in realized savings per year, DrugCompare is relied upon by many of
the largest health plans and PBMs in the country to keep people healthy. Given this, Connecture's UX Team had a lot of
responsibility resting on its shoulders to ensure that usability of the DrugCompare product was enhanced with responsive
design to help facilitate better decision making among users.

Submitted By: Connecture, Inc.

4.6/5 (50)

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