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Corra + Riachuelo: Made for Brazil Details


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Corra created a new ecommerce site for Brazilian fashion retailer Riachuelo, giving their customers online shopping for the very first time.

One of the top fashion department stores in LATAM, Brazilian brand Riacheulo has been at the top of the retail market for over 60 years. Having grown to more than 250 brick-and-mortar stores throughout Brazil, the retailer was ready to continue their growth by offering ecommerce to their customers for the first time. Utilizing the improved capabilities of Magento 2, the Corra team provided full visual design, data-driven UX and development to make this project come to life.

This ecommerce storefront marks an exciting beginning for Riachuelo in the digital commerce space. The Corra team pushed the boundaries with UX and visual design, delivering unique functionalities for Riachuelo, such as a "Shop the Look" module on the home page. When users hover over a look, they're able to see the individual products, including the product name and price, and can save those items to their wishlist. In addition, many other aspects of the site have been highly customized, from the shopping cart to the lookbook feature.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

UX is about designing for the customer, not for yourself. On the Riachuelo project, Corra’s designers faced the challenge of designing a shopping experience for customers outside of their own culture, and tailoring it to the shopping culture of Brazil. The Corra team performed extensive research to understand how Brazilians really shop. This included testing multiple homepage layouts and PDPs, and gauging reactions to messaging, colors, and photography. Utilizing the wealth of data gathered, Corra created a site that meets the specific needs of Riachuelo’s target customers throughout Brazil.

One key consideration was taking an omnichannel approach. The Riachuelo customer wants to be able to shop anywhere, anytime, on any device. This new ecommerce site is fully responsive, giving users access to full features and functionality however and wherever they choose to shop. Mobile-first technologies are not new, but an omnichannel mindset is something many merchants struggle to adopt. This is a strategy Corra designs around, and it is evident in the Riachuelo project.

Submitted By: Corra

Client Name: Riachuelo

4.7/5 (62)

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