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Carzoos is an entirely new way to buy and sell used cars.

Research showed that people, particularly women, experience enormous anxiety when walking into a used car dealership. Research revealed that more people would rather suffer root canal than walk into a used car yard.

There are over 2 million used car transactions in Australia each year. Based on market research, our primary audience amongst these buyers and sellers is 35 year old females – they experience the most fear.

The problems identified by quantitative and qualitative customer research became our design priorities. The website brings transparency to pricing, warranties and vehicle inspections, and is easy to use.

All cars come with a 175,000 kilometre warranty, 24/7 roadside assistance, ‘no haggle’ price, 12 months free insurance, and 7 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Customers either love their new car, or they can just give it back.

Sellers get an inspection wherever the car is, ‘best price’ offer in 24hrs, any other offer beaten, purchased by Carzoos if no-one else buys in 30 days, and all paperwork handled.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

A.P. Eagers Ltd is a 100-year old listed Australian automotive retailing group. The way customers buy and sell cars hasn’t changed much in that time.

Carzoos is an entirely new way to buy and sell used cars and a global first in used car retailing. It’s operated by A.P. Eagers. To succeed, Carzoos had to disrupt A.P. Eagers’ own business model.

Carzoos is a stubborn commitment to solving all fear points customers experience when buying and selling used cars. The mission was to create the first customer-centered used car experience.

Customers can buy and sell fearless via the Carzoos website (carzoos.com.au), innovative retail stores, and national call centre. Cars are delivered to customers wherever they are.

Customers who prefer face-to-face can transact at iPad-powered Carzoos retail stores. In another industry first, retail staff are rewarded on customer satisfaction, not sales. There are two stores open, with more to come.

A.P. Eagers operates 130 dealerships nationwide, in parallel to Carzoos. Shifting the mindset from ‘car dealer’ to ‘best service’ was a challenge to say the least. So too was creating commercially viable customer benefits.

Carzoos’ sales conversion rate is 3.6 times better than the industry average. We’re thrilled that Carzoos demonstrates the commercial value and ROI of UX.

Submitted By: The Village of Useful

Client Name: Carzoos

4.2/5 (13)

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