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We reimagined the consultant’s antiquated sales experience for the leading MLM's newest mobile app.

Arbonne International delivers world-class beauty, health and wellness products through a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model, where products are sold through a network of independent consultants. Arbonne supports 250,000 consultants, each operating as their own independent business. MSTQ partnered with the Arbonne leadership team to create an integrated technology ecosystem for Arbonne consultants to take their business to the next level.

The previous selling experience included physical catalogues and manual data entry. With a clear need for a mobile-friendly tool, MSTQ’s efforts were centered around designing the consultant’s experience of two core activities: face-to-face sales interactions and managing key business metrics. Whereas most digital shopping experiences are centered around the end-customer, this mobile shopping app was tailor made for the seller; to enhance the personal relationships they have with their customers.

In addition to a thoughtful mobile UX, we also extended the management of the consultant's sales performance to a voice-enabled user experience using the Amazon Echo. The result was a modern mobile selling experience for the evolving sales consultant.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

For this project, we had a unique design challenge of creating an unorthodox mobile shopping experience. The Arbonne business model differentiates itself in the beauty, health and wellness space not just because of its high-quality products, but rather, because it uses a personal touch with every transaction. Thus, it was important to factor that personal touch into the mobile shopping experience, not losing sight of the fact that it is the most valuable asset to the company, which we did successfully.

In addition, we created simplicity out of a complex rewards system, navigating the rules around unlocking free items and packages that were previously infuriating for consultants AND customers shopping independently. By gamifying the cart-building experience, we were able to design an otherwise unique experience for the rewards program, creating feedback, constraints and easy way finding with every item that was added to the cart (and throughout the checkout process).

Lastly, in an effort to create a sustainable, seamless experience, in our generative research findings, we discovered that most consultants were mothers working from home. By extending the Shop Arbonne experience to the Amazon Echo, we didn't just leverage emerging technologies, we did it in a way that was meaningful to our specific target users; creating a connected in experience around their homes, in the kitchen, bedrooms and office spaces.

Submitted By: MSTQ

Client Name: Arbonne International

4/5 (6)

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