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Bedrock Augmented Reality City Experience Details


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Interactive, markerless augmented reality experience showcasing Bedrock Properties on a model of the city of Detroit.

An augmented virtual reality experience for user's to explore downtown Detroit with an emphasis on Bedrock properties. Using markerless augmented reality and cutting edge technology, the app takes the user through a journey of the bustling and constantly growing city of Detroit, with information about properties along the way. Bedrock's goal is to show people how truly amazing Detroit is, and always has been.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

This engagement is a great example of the marriage of cutting edge technology (markerless, environmentally aware augmented reality) and end-user, results oriented storytelling with a distinct messaging purpose. Bedrock is a full-service commercial real estate developer on a rocketing growth curve in the city of Detroit. With over 55% of the downtown core’s properties under its purview, the ability to deliver a simple, cohesive story to potential tenants was paramount. Avoiding a user “learning curve,” using the technology as an additional layer of branding, and delivering a message that allowed users to basically say, “Oh, I get it. What you’re doing is amazing.” were all must-have targets. To do that we created an environmentally aware augmented reality app that would recognize it’s target and launch flawlessly simply by pointing the devices camera at a scale model of the City of Detroit. Fully 3D, 360 degree augmented reality graphics populated the city model, showcasing Bedrock properties as well as bringing the groundplane to life with greenery and animated transit, vehicle, bike and pedestrian traffic. Additional layers of interaction were added for deeper dives into all 120+ properties simply by tapping the live camera’s view of the building in question. 360 degree photography was incorporated along with 3D rendered future “yet-to-be-built” architecture inserted into real world images to show the future of Detroit development. The UX was so intuitive and simple to use that training on the device consisted of “point the camera at the model and then tap the screen anywhere you see something you’re interested in to learn more.” We developed the project in Unity using the Tango AR engine, converting over 170 individual architectural models to useful 3D geometry within the system, adding in 150+ additional photography and interactive 360 degree drill downs.

Submitted By: Bedrock

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