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Amper Music Composer Application Redesign Details


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What if a music composer generates music you want by three simple questions.

Amper is an artificial intelligence composer, performer, and producer that empowers you to instantly create and customize original music for your content. Fanatsy worked with Amper to redesign the application and enhance the user experience. The project started in July, 2016 for 2 months. The redesign helped Amper to raise five million dollars funding and was nominated by the Webby Awards 2017 in web services and applications category.

The UX process got involved throughout the project from early UX research, UX design to the user testing. During the UX research, we interviewed stockholders to understand the product pain points and the vision. From the user research and industry trends, we found that the previous music composer UI was too complicated and not intuitive. There are basic users who want to quickly generate music such as social media content creators, multimedia journalists and podcasters; advanced users who want to edit music associated to video timeline such as motion graphic designers and short filmmakers. To satisfy different users’ needs, we proposed the both basic and advanced UI for the application. The app starts with three simple questions to determine the user preference of basic or advanced UI, the style and mood of the music, and the length of the music, and generate music right away. Through machine learning technology, the application becomes smarter and produces more accurate music based on the user’s interaction.

During the UX design, we created wireframes and build quick prototypes to demonstrate user flows and make sure that app content and features are served to the users only when they need. The prototypes were also used to communicate with the tech team and gather user feedback for optimization. To ensure the application remains user-centered design for the future released versions, we educated the client how to operate the user testing internally to evaluate the design decisions.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

These days startups often focus new technologies and think user experience as secondary. Amper Music composer application is a good example to approve that proper UX research and intuitive UX design enhance user experience and lead the product to success. Good UX increases the user’s engagement along with user data to power the artificial intelligence of the application and generate accurate outputs to satisfy the user’s needs. Beyond the technologies, good UX establishes strong relationships between the product and user to reach the long term goals.

Submitted By: Fantasy Interactive, Inc.

Client Name: Amper Music

4.8/5 (30)

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