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The project is attempting to revolutionize the capital markets and disrupts how the world looks at private vs public companies. SecondMarket will allow private companies to run a market for their shares, in a totally controlled and managed setting. Dictating things like who can buy and sell, when the market is open, how much shareholders can sell, companies have total control.

SecondMarket, the leading marketplace for private company stock and other alternative investments, launched a new online platform. The new version of the platform introduces aspects of social media into the alternative investing universe by enabling SecondMarket participants to create personalized profiles, discover unique investment opportunities, and connect with other participants by building trusted networks of like-minded investors. “This next generation platform is a significant step in the growth and evolution of SecondMarket, and reinforces our dedication to being the global destination for alternative investments,” said SecondMarket Founder and CEO Barry Silbert. “The new interface is simple, clean and intuitive, and our expanding private company database enables accredited participants to easily identify investment opportunities and conduct transactions.”

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