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Pic Healthy – Photo Food Diary Details


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Pic Healthy is a mobile application that helps users make healthier food choices in a fun and social way. Users snap a picture of their meal and share it with their friends, who, by rating how healthy or unhealthy the food is, ultimately encourage better eating habits.

GE healthymagination and MedHelp recently partnered to launch a series of mobile apps that are empowering people to take control of their health in a way that only mobile can. From managing mood disorders to helping women have healthier pregnancies, these apps tackle health issues consumers face in their daily lives. By tracking factors like symptoms and medications, these apps provide valuable data that can help the user, and her doctor if she chooses to share the information, better manage her health. After the successful launch of our dieting app, My Diet Diary, we wanted to create an app that would appeal to a wider audience of people who wanted to eat healthier and improve their nutrition but weren't necessarily dieting and counting calories. The goal of this app was to make it fun and easy to eat healthier with the help of one’s friends. At the end of February 2011, design, engineering and product began the iterative, heads-down development phase of the project. Prior to that, brainstorming, functional requirements and design were completed over a two week time period. Through an iterative process, the team completed development of the app by the end of March. It was approved and released into the iTunes Store on April 7, 2011. The app's complexity was mitigated by using some of the infrastructure and features we had built into our earlier apps, including the ability to sync all data to the medhelp.org website, the ability to take and upload photos, and the ability to sign in using either FB Connect or MedHelp. With this app, we introduced several new features, including scores and leaderboards, the ability to rate and interact with friends from Facebook, and notifications of new comments posted to your photos. Compared to our previous apps which focused primarily on tracking one's own health in a more private setting, Pic Healthy included a heavy social component that makes it more fun and engaging. In addition, this app features a website galler

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Submitted By: MedHelp International

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