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Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race Details


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The entire project was 3 months from inception to the race itself. During that time, we came up with all of the gaming rules, content, integration with Twitter and FB; designed the web portal, mobile web portal, Facebook page, and Twitter stream, devised the editorial strategy for the Race Director voice, and came up with the GPS framework to track the cars en route.

A multiplatform marketing campaign that harnessed the power of Twitter and Facebook to bring the Mercedes-Benz brand closer to a young, digitally-native audience, the MB Tweet Race used fan-generated tweets to power 4 vehicles driven by teams of 2 across the country. The teams were recruited on Facebook and each was "coached" by a Twitter-savvy celebrity (including Serena Williams and Pete Wentz). The tweets generated by the campaign powered the vehicles across the finish line, where the winning team received a pair of Mercedes-Benz C-class coupes.

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