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While these designs were being implemented for the 5 apps, we also worked with the customers to identify other key apps in the MSS/ESS scenarios that could be part of this portfolio. All of these are planned to be delivered in the next few months using SAP's UI5 (HTML5) technology.

The Geneva project started as a result of the success with Nestlé. It made sense to take all the hard-won learnings about creating slick UI that’s simple and intuitive, and apply them broadly to our SAP products. We set out to work collaboratively through a design-thinking approach with the suite team members who were aligned with various management groups. The objective was to create four approval flows and one leave request flow using three key design principles: “keep it simple,” follow the 80/20 rule (design and optimize for the 80% use case), and leverage the mobile mindset. Three rounds of user testing across Germany and the U.S. with 10 users each were conducted based on the Nestlé designs.

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