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We capitalized on the audiences’ behaviors and needs to design an interface that is simple, efficient, satisfying and surprising. The deliverables, including a system of templates, modules, interaction and design specifications, served as the foundation required to build the user interface for the mobile experience. The UX strategy and design phase spanned approximately 3 months.

American Express asked Siegel+Gale to bring the travel application to life. Our early research helped American Express anticipate and address traveler needs, revealing that they tend to be hurried, overloaded with travel gear, sometimes unfamiliar with the surroundings and want to get where they are going quickly and comfortably. With these insights in hand, American Express decided to offer a reliable, informative, one-stop-shop for travel information on popular mobile devices. Siegel+Gale helped American Express understand that the experience needed to be easy to scan, soothing and credible while aggregating best of breed tools. Siegel+Gale developed an intuitive user interface that delivers multiple features in a simple, stylish manner, while at the same time being easy to use as it was easy to read in a glance. We also provided American Express with a full copy deck written in plain language that was confident, approachable, imaginative, clever and inspirational—consistent with the tone of the American Express brand. As a result, the American Express Travel App helps users to manage all upcoming itineraries in one place, regardless of where arrangements were booked, view restaurants and shops near airport gates, find the best seats on the plane, get cancellations or gate change alerts, view alternate flight availability and receive prompts to book hotels and transportation when missing from the itinerary.

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