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Asian Paints is India’s leading and largest paint company and ranks third largest in Asia. Established in 1942 the company has grown over the years to operate in 17 countries and 24 paint manufacturing facilities in the world, servicing consumers in over 65 countries.

Project Purpose:

§ The need of the hour was to simplify the painting process. Personalised and curated solutions can reduce unnecessary information, so that our customers can cut through the clutter and focus on the exact steps that are required.

§ Our target audience seek information online. With the right decision making tools, information and inspiration, we had the opportunity to leverage a strong online presence to accelerate our customer’s decision-making process. So that by the time they are at our store, they will be finalising their requirements.

Broadly from our understanding of the customers behaviours, they can be split into three desires:

1. Process seekers - Typically men, who want to set up the infrastructure

2. Inspiration seekers - Typically women, who want to populate and furnish it

3. Task Oriented

· The Competitive Controller is frustrated with the lack of control and ownership. Before we can inspire, we need to build trust between our process-driven audience by providing straightforward information on the process. We need to be there at every step of
the process, providing adequate support and information so that our customers
are never lost and always feel in control. By providing expert guidance, our customers can be more colour-confident in making personal and creative choices.

Business Goals and Challenges:

§ To increase the brand’s strength in a highly competitive market
§ To project ‘Asian Paints’ as not just a company that sells paints, but as a Décor expert and a partner in creating beautiful homes for all
§ To allow users to choose colours, products and wall fashions through various interactive and engaging methods and content.
§ To create a seamless Asian Paints user-journey which incorporates online, in-store and ‘at home’ experiences
§ To develop a strategy and vision to enhance the users’ digital experience and effectively facilitate their process of purchase.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Why this project delivers an exceptional user experience and merits a UX Award:

1. The site has a powerful information architecture that effectively and intuitively categorizes a large amount of information across the site

2. It lives up to Asian Paints’ promise of partnering their customers in creating that perfect home. The user-journey is such that it provides ample of handholding to the user, starting from choosing the right colour and design for their home, to finalizing on the right budget to finding the right guys to do the job.

Submitted By: UX Labs

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