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Novasentis pioneers ‘touch’ UX for electronics. Devices feel your touch; respond with sensation and sound.

Imagine holding a smartphone or wearable as it morphs shape in response to a call or to your actions. This is where the future of human-device UX is heading. Our vision at Novasentis is the ‘Neo-Sensory Age’ of UX, where previously lifeless devices are animated with touch, sound, and emotion – where we will experience and interact with technology in a way that takes us far beyond the traditional modes of sight and vibration. Product designers are searching for new mediums to propel next-generation product UX that include features like real-time sensory responses, transparency, flexible electronics, and morphing. To enable this industry shift, we have developed a platform technology—a micron-sized, nearly weightless, flexible, physical actuator/sensor created from a proprietary Electro-Mechanical Polymer (EMP) material. This material can be sized and affixed to nearly any surface, and can perform haptics and UX feats like emulating textures (because our fingers register texture as specific frequencies of vibration), morphing shape (and holding that new shape), providing force-feedback response in highly specific areas, and playing quality sounds layered on top of the haptic effect. We are pioneering the Neo-Sensory Age for UX in which the line between analog humans and the digital world blurs, and we can experience the digital world as an extension of our own bodies.

Live Project Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6nm4o84z6kr7gnv/UX_award_submit-Novasentis.pptx

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

We are analog humans in an increasingly digital world. Novasentis has developed a platform technology to allow UX to bridge the digital-analog gap by stimulating our senses of touch, sound and emotion. We are pioneering the ‘Neo-Sensory Age.’

Submitted By: Novasentis, Inc.

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